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Selected for the Tom Fletcher Book Club 2018.

Meet Ermine. She may be small but she’s on a BIG journey around the world.

Ermine the Determined is off to explore NEW YORK.

She can’t wait to visit Central Park Zoo, ride in a yellow taxi, and zoooom to the top of the Rockefeller building!

But when her suitcase is switched, Ermine finds some robbers are hot on her tail…

Ermine: one fabulously funny and furry heroine who can’t help but find adventure wherever she goes. First in a new series from best-selling and award-winning Jennifer Gray, with gorgeous black-and-white illustrations from Elisa Paganelli throughout.

Book information

Key Stage
KS1/2 E
Lexile Measure
Book Band
ISBN: 9781474958325
Extent: 160 pages
Dimensions: 197 x 130mm
Elisa Paganelli

Author information

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray lives in London and Scotland with her husband, four children and friendly but enigmatic cat. Like Ermine, Jennifer loves to travel. She has been to New York – but hasn't yet ended up in an alligator pen! She has written the Atticus Claw series, the Chicken Mission series and the Guinea Pigs Online series, co-written with Amanda Swift.


Longlisted - Alligator's Mouth Award

Reader reviews

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“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
A funny book about a small stoat called Ermine and her travels to New York. [...] I liked seeing all the famous bits about New York, especially Central Park Zoo.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
This book is funny, cute, and full of adventures.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
I love this book! I recommend it to anyone who likes animals and comedy. Ermine is a stoat who travels the world. She is in New York with a boy called Mike Junior and gets up into trouble!
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
I enjoyed reading ‘The Travels of Ermine’ by Jennifer Gray because it is really funny and exciting. It made me feel like I was actually in the story because I wanted to do all the things that the characters were doing.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
‘The Travels of Ermine’ stands out from all the books I have read, like a red bauble in a pile of white baubles. It's by far the best book I have read in a long, long time!!! It was HILARIOUS!!!!
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
This book was funny and easy to get into. I really enjoyed it. I think readers who like funny, quirky books will love this.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
Ermine is a stoat and she is on a big adventure around the world.When her suitcase is switched, she finds some robbers are right behind her wherever she goes. A good book for anyone with a good sense of humour.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
Trouble in New York: The Travels of Ermine is such a delightful little book. Jennifer Gray has written a funny and exciting tale about an endearing, talking stoat called Ermine. The gorgeous illustrations by Elisa Pagnelli made us want to dive into this book straight away.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
This book was a pleasure to read and I'm sure that anybody who will read it will think the same. This book really was one of the best!
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
Brilliant book full of adventures.
“The Travels of Ermine: Trouble in New York”
A very funny book about Ermine and what she gets up to on her travels. Great characters throughout the story. The illustrations really add to the fun of the book. Can't wait to read more.

Press reviews

“The world’s biggest diamond, two bumbling burglars and one charming weasel…sorry, I mean – Stoat! – called Ermine. I loved this fun crime adventure, set in a wintery NYC, it has moments that would feel at home in a Home Alone movie and the brilliant illustrations really bring the story and characters to life creating a heart-warming world. A great book for chilling on the sofa on a rainy day.”

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