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Meet the Twitches, four tiny rabbits who live inside a Teacup House.

They belong to a girl called Stevie and she loves playing with them. But guess what? These toy rabbits have a secret. They come alive when Stevie isn't looking!

Open up the Teacup House – and meet four little rabbit heroes with big ideas!

Book information

Key Stage
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ISBN: 9781474928120
Extent: 128 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Pippa Curnick

Author information

Hayley Scott

Hayley has always loved stories. She grew up near Watership Down, and one of her favourite things to do was visit the big hill to watch the rabbits hopping in and out of their burrows. She’s always loved really small things too. When she was little she used to make tiny furniture for fairy houses, setting them out in scooped out hollows in her back garden. To this day she’s sure the fairies used them... Hayley lives in Norfolk. Teacup House is her debut series for young readers.

Reader reviews

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“meet the twitches”
I hope Hayley Scott will write a lot more twitches books, and SOON! I brought this book home from the library, and read a chapter or two, and my granddaughter started reading it herself, and wants more. It's the first time she's been motivated to read on by herself. I love the illustrations, too, and the idea of the little rabbit family. We've read The Twitches Bake a Cake, and are looking forward to Meet a Puppy. I just wish there were a lot more titles. Thank you so much!
“Meet the Twitches”
We are currently reading this book for the second time in a forthnight! My five year old daughter loved getting to know Gabriel, Bo, Silver and Fig Twitch, a family of Rabbits owned by Stevie. This is a lovely gentle story about Stevie, a young girl who moves from her apartment in the city to her new home in the country. As the story unfolds, the reader discovers that the toy rabbits are hiding a secret from Stevie...they come alive when she is not looking. I loved how the story is something that children can relate to. We are already looking forward to getting our paws on another book from the "Teacup House" series.
“Meet the Twitches”
This was a fun and adventurous book about 4 rabbits called the Twitches.I really enjoyed reading this story about rabbits because rabbits are my favourite animals and they are interesting.
“Teacup House Meet the Twitches”
I enjoyed the story in many ways but I absolutely loved the illustrations because they put a smile on my face. If there is another book about the Twitches I would be desperate to read it!
“Teacup House Meet the Twitches”
What a great book, it’s perfect for my little boy. It’s nice to have a book that we can read over a few nights that’s suitable for his age. The story is really nice and the illustrations are great. We really enjoyed this one.
“Meet the Twitches”
This was a fun and adventurous book about 4 rabbits called the Twitches.I really enjoyed reading this story about rabbits because rabbits are my favourite animals and they are interesting.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
Good for adventurous children
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
I love rabbits so I couldn't wait to read this book. The cover is very appealing and the pictures in the book are colourful and make you want to read on.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
Lovely story and perfect to read aloud. Edith was always desperate to know what was going to happen next. Beautiful, bright illustrations.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
It was fantastic - we thought it was adventurous and magical fun. A beautiful story for all the family of innocent childhood fun.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
Stevie is given a set of toy rabbits by her Nanny that come alive when she is not looking. They have a fun adventure that you will love to read about!
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
I really loved the drawings and I could read most of the book on my own.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
A very good book about these funny little characters. I really like the illustrations of the characters in the book and it made the story even easier to follow.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
Fantastic book for everyone to read. [...] I also loved going through the beautiful illustrations in this book which made it very interesting and brought the characters to life.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
This is such an adorable story which will delight younger readers. [...] We hope the adorable and adventurous Twitches are back in another sweet tale soon.
“Teacup House: Meet the Twitches”
Meet the Twitches is a great book for younger readers who are starting to become free readers. A charming tale that has a lovely ending.

Press reviews

“A lovely balance of plot, contemporary interest, humour and sweetness. [...] I will be wholeheartedly recommending this little series as it develops to young readers - and their grownups.”

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