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Book with recorder kit

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This attractive gift set contains a bright red recorder and a delightfully illustrated step-by-step instruction book. Children learning their first musical instrument can find out how to play their first notes and play more than a dozen tunes. They can listen to the tunes at the Usborne Quicklinks website to hear how they go.

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Book information

Key Stage
Book with recorder kit
ISBN: 9781474935173
Extent: 32 pages
Dimensions: 239 x 190mm
Anthony Marks
Erica Salcedo-Saiz
Music arranged by
Anthony Marks

Reader reviews

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“Learning to play the recorder is so easy!”
In this gift set, there is a red recorder kit and a super cute book. There are steps by steps so children can learn very fast. The book also contains 13 rhymes to practise. I think older children who want to learn a new musical instrument may love this too.


Visit the Usborne Quicklinks website to listen to all the tunes in this book and hear how they go.

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