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The fabulous 50th title in the much-loved That's not my... series. This sparkly, touchy-feely book features a magical unicorn to talk about, and a little white mouse to spot on every page. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the textured patches as they try to find their unicorn.

That's not my unicorn

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Book information

Board book
ISBN: 9781474935975
Extent: 10 pages
Dimensions: 160 x 160mm
Rachel Wells

Author information

Fiona Watt

Fiona Watt is an Editorial Director and writer at Usborne Publishing. She graduated from Exeter University with a Bachelor of Education in Art and Design. She taught for three years at a primary school in Kent, before spending two years at a British school in The Netherlands. She started working at Usborne in 1989 and has written and edited hundreds of books including baby and novelty, sticker, art and craft, cookery, science and activity books. She has written all the titles in the award-winning 'That's not my….' series and many in the highly successful Sticker Dolly Dressing series. She is the sixth biggest-selling UK children's author, with over 10 million of her books sold in the UK since records began.

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Bronze Winner - Junior Design Awards 2018

Best Baby Book 0-2 Years category

Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2009

The award is decided by Practical Pre-School product testers, who said of "That's not my puppy": "This book had immediate appeal for all the children. It is great for a wide age range as the babies enjoy the pictures and textures and the older children enjoy reading the words themselves and developing their vocabulary. It was also good for raising awareness of differences and similarities. It retained appeal for the children throughout the testing period."

Prima Baby Reader Awards "Best Buy" 2004 and 2006

Usborne That's not my... Touchy-feely books were voted Best Buy in the Toddler Book Category of the Prima Baby Reader Awards in 2004 and 2006.

Reader reviews

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“That's not my unicorn...”
As with others in the series, it's a great first book for babies as it shows them different textures to feel and play with, nice and easy pages to turn and lots of bright colours to keep their attention. Nice and short so readable over and over again.
“That's not my unicorn...”
This super book caused quite a stir at my house. My daughters were absolutely delighted to read this book. My youngest daughter, 9 month old, found the front cover of the book fascinating. It took a few minutes before we were able to enjoy the book as she was just mesmerized by what she saw and by the soft mane she was able to touch and stroke.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Equally as brilliant as the other books in the series! And with beautiful foil-edged pages! Love it!
“That's not my unicorn...”
We love this series of book and particularly this one. It’s bright colours, the sensory areas and the mouse to find on each page are great.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Another wonderful little book from this series and my daughter's favourite. Very interactive. She loves looking for the mouse and now knows it by heart; we've read it so many times.
“That's not my unicorn...”
This book this book is great! Just like the other books in the series it engages small children with its bright and tactile pictures! My niece loved the book and wanted it read to her again and again! The perfect gift for anyone little.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Both the little ones love the "That's not my..." series, but this one stands head and shoulders above the others. It's clearly something special - the cover is extra sparkly and the edges are gilded with a magical pearlescent sheen. Each of the pages is extra tactile and feely, including the front cover with a luxurious furry patch. Ethan loved this book especially - the first reading included give repeat read-throughs. Five stars - it's a keeper!
“That's not my unicorn...”
Leo has a few That's Not My... books and I think this title is the 50th in the series! Unlike the others he has, this book features a sparkly cover with shiny rainbow edges - making it really eye-catching. He loves unicorns and enjoyed reading through the book working out the correct words to describe the part of the unicorn and how it felt.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Love the new that's not my book book, the unicorn is the perfect addition, full of colour and sensory textures my daughter loved it. I can see it becoming one of her favourites.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Excellent addition to the 'that's not my...' collection. Sparkly cover and holographic edges gave this book a true unicorn feel and my son was rapt with stroking the unicorn's tail. Will be added to our favourite bedtime book rota!
“That's not my unicorn...”
I am a HUGE fan of 'That's not my' books. Both my nieces love these books, they are 11 months old and 4 years old. The book is very sturdy for those who like to try and eat their books :) and each page has something to keep the 11 month old entertained. She loves feeling the different textures, and my 4 year old niece loves finding the mouse. A brilliant book and well worth buying!! Now to start collecting the others in the series :)
“That's not my unicorn...”
Me & my children love the 'That's not my...' range. As always perfect books that keep my children entertained and are short and sweet. Perfect for little attention spans
“That's not my unicorn...”
I love books that I can read to both of my daughter's aged 3 and 6 months. They love the colours, and touchy feely aspect of all the "that's not my" books but particularly this one as my eldest adores unicorns and glitter! She also likes finding the mouse on each page and my youngest loves the different textures
“That's not my unicorn...”
Nice book for babies and toddlers. Very interactive.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Me and my boys love the Thats not my range and this book is a lovely addition to the set. We love the different textures on each page and it’s great for teaching little ones about colours. Textures, materials and really widens their vocabulary and understanding. Every young child should have a selection of these books on their book shelf because they are so tactile. Great for getting little ones used to handling books as they are sturdy board books and take a lot of bashing.
“That's not my unicorn...”
My nearly 3-year-old loved it - I think unicorns are so popular with little children for a reason - the beautiful colours and shiny bits.
“That's not my unicorn...”
Ooh sparkly pages,rainbows and beautiful unicorns, what’s not to love?! There are all the other usual things associated with this series like tactile pages and the little mouse to spot on each page. This is an everyday read for us at the moment.
“That's not my unicorn...”
We're big fans of the 'thats not my...' series in this house. Rosie has just turned one and has been enjoying these books for a few months now. She got the unicorn book for her birthday and has been really enjoying it. She loves to find the texture on each page and get excited when we spot the little mouse! The illustrations are clear and bold, great for a little ones eyes. The script is repetitive and simple which makes it just right to hold her attention. I really like the added bonuses on silver edged pages and a slight sparkle to the pages!
“That's not my unicorn...”
My daughter loves the that's not my books and this one didn't disappoint! The illustrations were bright and colourful and my daughter enjoyed exploring the different textures on each page.
“That's not my unicorn...”
This was a great starter book for my daughter when around 1 and a half.
“That's not my unicorn...”
My niece loved this book it was so colourful and bright and she loved feeling the soft parts of the unicorn and looking for the mouse.
“That's not my unicorn...”
This is the 1st of the 'thats not my' books that I have read to my daughter. We both love this book and would definitely recommend it. The illustrations are lovely. My daughter loved that she could touch and feel different textures throughout the book - especially the sparkly pages! The book itself is very hard wearing which is good, as it has been chewed on and thrown around a lot
“That's not my unicorn...”
Sophie loves that's not my books. She absolutely loves this unicorn book. Its bright colourful and her favourite one yet. Brilliant for early learning fun. Lovely sturdy board book, brilliant touch and feel pages. She loves the rainbow unicorn at the end and finding the mouse on each page.
“That's not my unicorn...”
we love the series of books but we love this one because it's so on trend and it's very colourful.

Press reviews

“Unlike other board books, there are swatches of different textures on each page designed to encourage your little one to explore and play independently.”
“The hardwearing pages, simple illustrations, repetition and lovely touchy-feely elements to each page make the [That's not my...] books ideal for reading with your child.”
“These wonderful books are awesome for helping children to develop. The stories are perfectly interactive and their simplicity means even the youngest readers will enjoy them and relate to them.”
“This range of touchy-feely books have been baby and toddler must-haves for 20 years.”
“Quite how Usborne got to 50 without a unicorn I’m not sure, but it has a suitably celebratory feel and is sure to be another magical hit.”
“As they grow, it’s lovely to see [babies] engage with the simple, repetitive language and read along with you. And, if you can bear to part with it, the pearlescent cover page, holographic foil edges, and pink foiling make it an extraspecial baby gift.”
“With it's pearlescent cover, holographic foil and rainbow sprayed edges, [this is] a summer sparkler for all the family!”
“This silver edged board book, perfect for little hands, will delight babies and toddlers... This tactile book helps sensory and language awareness with its repetitive word and different textures.”

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