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Meet Will Hill

Will Hill grew up in the north-east of England and worked as a bartender, bookseller and in publishing, before quitting to write full-time. His first novel, Department 19 – the first in a series of five – was published in 2011 to widespread acclaim, garnering Will, and the series, a huge fan base. Will now lives in East London with his girlfriend.

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After the Fire – winner of the YA Book Prize 2018

Will's novel After The Fire won the YA Book Prize 2018, beating off competition from the likes of Philip Pullman and Patrick Ness. It was also shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal.

After The Fire

Father John controls everything inside The Fence. And Father John likes rules. Especially about never talking to Outsiders. Because Father John knows the truth. He knows what is right, and what is wrong. He knows what is coming.

Moonbeam is starting to doubt, though. She’s starting to see the lies behind Father John’s words. She wants him to be found out.

What if the only way out of the darkness is to light a fire? Find out more...

Will Hill, author of After The Fire
Will Hill

The story behind After the Fire

After the Fire was inspired by a real-life American cult.

In 1993 the US government raided the Branch Davidian sect in Texas, causing a 51-day gun battle where 80 people were killed.

After the siege, shocking stories emerged about life in the sect, ruled by David Koresh. Children lived in constant fear and had abnormally high resting heart rates. Most disturbingly, everything Koresh had told them about the 'Final Battle' had come true... 

An engrossing, brilliantly realised story which is almost impossible to put down. Louise O'Neill, bestselling author and YA Book Prize judge

Will Hill is interviewed by Chris Russell, author of the Songs About a Girl trilogy, for the 2017 Zoella & Friends Book Club:

"I remember my shock at watching footage from the fiery conclusion of the siege on the television news. I remember watching the buildings burn, thinking how terrifying it must have been to be there, to find yourself in the middle of all that chaos. It seemed so entirely alien to me.

How did David Koresh persuade people to lay down their lives at his command? What was it like to live inside that compound, believing you were in mortal danger from the outside world? For the people who survived, what would it mean to discover that your whole life had been a lie?"

Will Hill