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Meet Simon Cherry

Simon Cherry is an experienced television producer, writer and director who worked in Melvyn Bragg’s Arts Department at ITV for almost twenty years. Simon lives in Surrey with his wife, two teenage sons and a ginger cat, and hopes that one day his shed might also turn into a sailing ship.

The Eddy Stone Adventures

Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Adventure was Simon's first book for children. Pirates, grumpy penguins and Raisins of Death are just some of the characters Eddy encounters in this epic adventure.

Simon followed this up with Eddy Stone and the Alien Cat Attack, about an alien cat on a mission to destroy Earth, and Eddy Stone and the Mean Genie's Curse, published August 2018.

Simon Cherry, author of Eddy Stone
Simon Cherry

Wonderfully told adventures Stephen Fry

Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Adventure was shortlisted for the Scholastic Laugh Out Loud Awards 2017 (or 'Lollies')

"I used to read aloud to my children most evenings, and we all liked funny books – but we quickly ran out of books that had enough story and good jokes to keep the three of us entertained. So, I set to writing my own... (though the main hope was always writing to be published, never solely to entertain them!).

Eddy Stone has a few reflections of that time – the three of us used to sometimes play the game of ‘How Many Monkeys Have I Got in My Pocket?' There were, of course, never any monkeys, but that was where imagination and humour kicked in!"

Simon Cherry