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Meet Mary Ann Rodman

Mary Ann Rodman wanted to be a writer since the age of three, but was only inspired to write Yankee Girl, her first novel, after leaving her job as a librarian and moving to Thailand.

The experience of dealing with a completely different culture reminded her of her childhood years spent in Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960s. Mary Ann moved to Mississippi when her father, an FBI agent, was sent there to investigate hate crimes during the civil rights movement.

Mary Ann is now married with one daughter and lives in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Mary Ann Rodman
Mary Ann Rodman

Yankee Girl

Yankee Girl

Set in the Deep South in the 1960s, Yankee Girl is a powerful, resonant and relevant story about racism and doing the right thing.

It is based on Mary Ann's personal experiences in Mississippi in that time, including her fear of the Klu Klux Klan. Mary Ann describes the main character Alice Ann as 'an improved version of me, someone who I wish I could have been'.

The Klan did everything they could to intimidate the civil rights workers, including murder. The local law enforcement turned a blind eye to the Klan's activities. In some cases, law enforcement officers were members of the Klan themselves. Mary Ann Rodman
Jimmy's Stars

Also by Mary Ann Rodman: Jimmy's Stars

When Ellie's big brother Jimmy is called up to fight in the Second World War, she can only desperately hope that he will return.

Jimmy's Stars is a moving tale of growing up and facing change amid the sacrifices of war, based on Mary Ann's own family experience.

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