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Meet Andrew Beasley

As a child, adventure was everywhere for Andrew Beasley; he went exploring in Cornwall, South West England, and had an underground base made out of a sunken coal bunker. Now that he's grown up, Andrew works as a primary school teacher.


Meet the S.C.R.E.A.M. detectives - Billy Flint and Charlotte Steel. Billy may have been born into a family of criminals, but he was also born with a supernatural "sixth sense", and now he's a street-smart S.C.R.E.A.M. detective. Charley brings scientific method to the investigations, as well as her charm, dry wit, and a touch of class.

Charley also happens to be in a wheelchair, but this does not define her. When Andrew was younger he injured himself badly, meaning that for some time he couldn’t dress or feed himself and he drove an adapted vehicle. This deeply influenced his characterisation of Charley as confident and independent.

I was still me, with all the same hopes and dreams and personality, I just had extra obstacles to overcome. I wanted to use that experience in my writing. Andrew Beasley

Andrew Beasley
Andrew Beasley

The Mummy's Revenge

The Mummy's Revenge

In the dark and winding streets of Edinburgh, a burglar is on the prowl. But this is no ordinary thief. Three thousand years old and risen from the grave, this rampaging robber is a rotting Egyptian mummy – and he wants rubies and revenge! There's only one crime-fighting force who can deal with a menace like this: Billy Flint & Charley Steel aka S.C.R.E.A.M. – top-secret investigators of Supernatural Crimes, Rescues, Emergencies And Mysteries.


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With S.C.R.E.A.M. I wanted to have my cake and eat it! I love adventures, I love detective stories, I love monsters and I love to laugh. I’ve done my best to mix all of those ingredients together and write a series chock-full of thrills, chills and humour… two children solving supernatural crimes, out-thinking the adults Andrew Beasley

Also by Andrew Beasley: The Battles of Ben Kingdom

The year is 1891 and London is at war. Cocky street urchin Ben Kingdom finds himself in the middle of an ancient battle between the city's Protectors and the cut-throat Legion who lurk below the streets – but with the fate of the world in his hands, which side will he choose?

A thrilling fantasy with fascinating characters and a compelling plot Books for Keeps review of The Claws of Evil