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Benefits for schools

Benefits for teachers

Free books and discounts

Your school can receive free books and generous discounts when you order through an Independent Usborne Organiser.

Independent Usborne Organisers can offer up to 60% in additional free books, when you hold a fundraising event or book fair.

Free books for schools
Total event sales Free books earned
Over £600 £360+ (60%)
£250 - £599.99 £75+ (30%)
£120 - £249.99 £10+ (10%)

Or if you prefer to place an order without holding an event, you can still receive a 30% discount and free delivery.

Discounts summary
Gross Value of Sales Discount
Over £600 30%
£250 - £599.99 20%
£120 - £249.99 10%

What to expect from an Independent Usborne Organiser

Independent Usborne Organisers offer a specially tailored, hassle-free and flexible service to help you concentrate on teaching.

When you book an event, your Independent Usborne Organiser will:

  • Advertise, organise, attend and supervise the entire event
  • Complete paperwork and arrange orders, including free delivery to the classroom 
  • Offer your school, parents and children advice on the right books for their age group, interests, or curriculum

Contact us to arrange a meeting with your local Independent Usborne Organiser. They will be happy to discuss your requirements, including payment options such as BACS, credit card, cheque and invoice.