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Transform your school library with Usborne Books at Home

Usborne Books at Home, the Usborne direct sales division, works with schools in the UK and Europe to fill their libraries and classrooms with brand new books – without touching any of their school budget.  An Usborne Books at Home Independent Organiser within your local community will be keen to work with your school to bring the best books to your school library.

Are you ready? Transform your school library

Do you remember the first book that you really fell in love with? The first book that made you feel like someone knew exactly how you felt? Or that allowed you to forget about the world around you? Or that filled your brain with brilliant facts that you couldn’t wait to share?

Here at Usborne Books at Home, we believe that every child deserves to find that one book that really speaks to them, be it an issue-led novel, a fact-filled title or a book that can transport them to another world entirely. We are passionate about working with teachers and librarians to share as many books as possible with their pupils, so that every child feels that joy of finding the right book for them, whether they’re a newly confident reader with their first chapter book, or a sixth-former looking for some exam escapism.

Every year we give away thousands of books to schools and this academic year we’ve set our biggest target yet. Our mission for the academic year of 2019/2020 is to give away half a million free books to schools, so that teachers and librarians can fuel their pupils’ imaginations and spark a lifelong love of reading. Our Independent Usborne Organisers are working with primary and secondary schools across the UK and Europe to transform their school libraries, and would love for your school to be a part of this too!

We run school events all year round that can be tailor-made to your school’s requirements. Whether you fancy challenging your pupils to a sponsored read, want to wow them with a bustling book fair, or you’d love some recommended reads for parents’ evenings, no event is too big or small for our Usborne Organisers to manage. Plus, your Organiser can fundraise on your behalf to provide your pupils with a library that they can be proud of. For every amount of money you raise, be it from book sales, sponsorship money, or outside funding, Usborne will add to your total to help your pupils to access as many exciting books as possible – all you need to think about is which books they’ll love the most!

Want to know more?

Complete this enquiry form. Your local Independent Usborne Organiser will then contact you to discuss how they can make a difference to your school library, and how your pupils can benefit from lots of free books.

We can’t wait to help you to transform your school library!

Lucy Raby, Usborne Books at Home

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