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National Non-Fiction November

National Non-Fiction November

National Non-Fiction November, organized by The Federation of Children’s Book Groups, is a celebration for readers with a passion for information and facts – and an attempt to bring non-fiction into the same spotlight as fiction.

When we think of children’s books today, the first names that come to mind are fiction heavyweights such as David Walliams and Jeff Kinney. And while children’s fiction is indeed enjoying a boom, non-fiction for curious children is quietly inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, writers and much more.

Children’s fiction titles receive far more press – a recent study quoted by the FCBG found that only 12.5% of children’s book reviews in a given period were for non-fiction. However, 42% of children aged 7-11 say they enjoy reading non-fiction, a figure also not reflected in many bookshops which have a heavy bias towards fiction.

Here at Usborne we’re passionate about non-fiction (though we have a fabulous children’s fiction and YA list too!). We love thinking of new ways to bring subjects alive, including flaps, sounds, web links, great writing and fabulous illustrations, and tackling topics from engineering to food, farming and festivals. All our books are written by our in-house editor/writers, with help from expert consultants and our team of talented designers.  

Food and festivals is the theme for this year’s National Non-Fiction November. The FCBG is encouraging young people to explore food from both at home and around the world, as well as finding about food associated with religious festivals. Parents and teachers can find lots of activities and resources to take part in the celebrations on the FCBG website.

Usborne titles on the NNFN recommended reading list include 100 Things to Know About Food – winner of the School Library Association (SLA) award 2018, The Usborne Book of Growing Food, See Inside Where Food Comes From, and Why Shouldn’t I Eat Junk Food. 

Usborne books on the National Non-Fiction November recommended reading list

All four books – plus hundreds more – are also enhanced with Usborne Quicklinks – links to specially selected websites where children can find out more. For example, on the Quicklinks for 100 Things to Know About Food you can watch video clips about what astronauts eat in space, see how your tongue works, explore unusual fruits from around the world and much more.

The recommended websites have been carefully selected by Usborne editors to ensure they are suitable for children - and exciting and rewarding to visit. We believe that a brilliant book enhanced with links to the best websites is a winning combination.

So this November, curl up with a book – whether it’s a thrilling story or a journey of discovery into the solar system complete with flaps, facts and virtual tours.  

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