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8 January 2020 What makes graphic novels so great?

Graphic novels are becoming increasingly popular with children and adults alike. Usborne writer Russell Punter explains why they might appeal to non-traditional readers, and the joy of adapting his latest title Alice in Wonderland.

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29 November 2019 Top tips for celebrating baby's first Christmas

How do you make baby’s first Christmas special? Here are eight ideas to make the festive season memorable for both parent and child.

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15 November 2019 Top tips for writing a letter to Santa Claus

It’s around this time of year that many parents start to talk about a visit from Father Christmas as another way to encourage good behaviour from their little ones. A visit from the man in red is also a great way to engage your little ones with letter-writing, and we have some lovely paper to download to help them.

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8 November 2019 Award-winning books for babies and toddlers

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a baby or toddler and don’t know where to start, here are some of our award-winning baby and toddler books – and the reasons why judges rate them so highly. We hope you find something you love!

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24 October 2019 How books can help children understand their feelings

Books can also be a fantastic tool for helping children to understand more about themselves, including their feelings. Learning to describe, express and manage their emotions - even from a young age - is an essential part of children’s social and emotional development...

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8 October 2019 What I learned from growing my own pumpkins

Abi Wheatley, author of two Usborne gardening books, shares her experience of growing pumpkins with her son – from disappointment to delightful Jack O'Lanterns in time for Halloween.

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2 October 2019 Top tips on how to write your own poems

Poet and Usborne writer Jerome Martin gives his top three tips on how to write your own fantastic poems.

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3 September 2019 Why everyone should learn to code

Rosie Dickins explains how she rediscovered her childhood love of coding to become Usborne's chief coding books writer – and why it is such an important skill for children.

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2 September 2019 Rediscovering brave and brilliant girls in traditional fairy tales

Forgotten Fairy Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls is published in September 2019, with a foreword by Kate Pankhurst. Its editor Lesley Sims explains why these empowering stories were forgotten, and how Usborne rediscovered and retold them for a new generation.

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6 August 2019 Back from the dead: Usborne's World of the Unknown Ghosts

Not many books published in 1977 become an overnight hit in 2019, but that’s what happened to Usborne’s The World of the Unknown: Ghosts. Out of print for around 20 years, it is now back by (very) popular demand, and will publish again in October 2019 with a foreword from BAFTA-winning writer, comedian and actor Reece Shearsmith – one of the key figures behind this story.

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