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6 August 2019 Back from the dead: Usborne's World of the Unknown Ghosts

Not many books published in 1977 become an overnight hit in 2019, but that’s what happened to Usborne’s The World of the Unknown: Ghosts. Out of print for around 20 years, it is now back by (very) popular demand, and will publish again in October 2019 with a foreword from BAFTA-winning writer, comedian and actor Reece Shearsmith – one of the key figures behind this story.

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5 August 2019 17 things to do with your Usborne Snap cards (and 16 of them don't involve playing Snap!)

We’ve come up with lots of ideas for alternative ways for you and your child to use your Usborne Snap cards – with the added bonus of helping to develop their imagination, coordination, language, listening and social skills, too.

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20 July 2019 Top tips to keep your child reading over the summer

Here's some top tips to encourage your child to keep reading over the summer and avoid any decline in those hard-won new skills.

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17 July 2019 Putting the sounds and music in Usborne books

Lots of Usborne books have embedded sound chips with music and even animal noises and sounds. Composer and music producer Anthony Marks gives us an insight into his rewarding job…

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12 July 2019 Ideas for bookish play with Usborne That's not my... books

Usborne That’s not my… books are perfect for bookish play. Here’s some games and ideas from our readers that provide lots of opportunities for your toddler to talk about and describe things, and learn about colours and sorting.

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1 July 2019 Classic stories and traditional illustrations from China

China is a huge country, with a very long history and a rich variety of story-telling traditions. Our book Illustrated Stories from China contains a selection of stories from all over China, illustrated in the traditional Chinese style and chosen especially to appeal to readers today.

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26 June 2019 Top 3 tips for writing sci-fi and fantasy stories

Andy Prentice, Editor/Writer at Usborne, gives his top tips, tricks and ideas for you to start writing your own sci-fi and fantasy stories.

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12 June 2019 Usborne books to celebrate Empathy Day

To celebrate UK Empathy Day on June 11th, we invited Usborne authors and editors to share books that they believe particularly help readers develop empathy and understanding.

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29 May 2019 Why the Moon changes shape

For the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings, we published The Usborne Book of the Moon – a celebration of the beauty and mystery of the Moon, as well as the Space Race and stories from around the world.  

Author Laura Cowan reveals one of her favourite stories from Hindu mythology about how the Moon got its shape.

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15 May 2019 Understanding your child's emotions and how to deal with them

Holly Doherty, parent, Primary School Teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator, gives her expert advice on helping children manage their emotions.

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