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7 November 2018 National Non-Fiction November

While children’s fiction is enjoying a boom, non-fiction for curious children is quietly inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, writers and much more...

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30 October 2018 Orla's story: how books help her make sense of the world

Orla (age 2) has Down’s syndrome and moderate hearing loss – but the discovery of Usborne’s Baby’s Very First Black and White Books is helping her to build her language skills. To celebrate International Down Syndrome Awareness month, her mother Mariam tells her story:

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16 October 2018 Tips on applying for an editorial job at Usborne

Managing Editor Mairi Mackinnon offers an inside view of Usborne’s recruitment process for new writers and editors, with some helpful tips for candidates.

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3 October 2018 Problem-solving and thinking skills – how chess can help your children

With the 2018 World Chess Championship taking place in London in November 2018, former British Ladies Chess Champion and Director of the UK Chess Challenge, Sarah Hegarty, explains the merits of introducing children to the game at an early age.

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2 October 2018 Rewriting Jane Austen for younger readers

Usborne editor Anna Milbourne explains her approach to adapting Jane Austen's novels in one complete collection, and reflects on the similarities and differences of Austen's characters to young people growing up today.

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31 August 2018 What we learned from the Usborne Academy week

This August, we held our first Usborne Academy week, an opportunity for people currently under-represented in publishing to spend a week at Usborne. 

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5 July 2018 Why books must challenge children – Geraldine McCaughrean, winner of the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2018

Geraldine McCaughrean won the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2018 for Where the World Ends, exactly 30 years after she first won this prestigious children's literature prize. In her winning speech she calls for children to be challenged by words as well as issues in the books they read.

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27 June 2018 The Travels of Ermine: a stoatily brilliant adventure

Jennifer Gray, author of The Travels of Ermine series featured in the Tom Fletcher Book Club 2018, explains the thinking behind her stoatily brilliant new animal adventure for 5-7 year olds.

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31 May 2018 Why I wrote All about Families

Felicity Brooks, author of All about Families, explains why it is important to showcase families in all their shapes and sizes.

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29 May 2018 What to do when kids are bored?

These days, it’s all too easy for children to find entertainment on a screen –  watching YouTube, playing games or chatting with friends – but they may need a bit of help discovering other things to do.

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