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At Usborne, we love what we do – and The Usborne Academy is about sharing that passion and allowing more people, from more diverse backgrounds and groups currently under-represented in publishing, an opportunity to find out about children's publishing.

Applications for the 2018 Academy are now closed. Due to the large number of applications,  successful candidates will now be notified by 5pm on 18th July, rather than Monday 16th as originally stated.

Usborne Academy Week

Usborne Academy Week is an opportunity for eight people to spend a week at Usborne Publishing. It will take place on 13–17th August 2018. (Applications for 2018 are now closed). The Usborne Academicians will experience daily life in a range of different departments including editorial, design, marketing, production and rights. In addition, there will be lunchtime seminars from senior people and one-to-one mentoring sessions to help the academicians decide which area of publishing is right for them.

To make this opportunity accessible to people from across the UK, Usborne will provide accommodation in nearby university halls for all 8 Usborne Academicians, along with a one-week Zone 1-2 travel card so they can make the most of what London has to offer while they're here. They will be paid the London Living Wage for the full 40-hour week. We will pay standard price rail fares from anywhere in the UK, so that you can come to London for this placement.

Applicants must be over 18, have the right to work in the UK, and be available to come to London from Monday 13th – Friday 17th August, plus travel time to London on Sunday 12th and back on Saturday 18th as required. We’ll also pay for accommodation on Sunday 12th and Friday 17th August to enable you to be at Usborne for the full working week.

Applications for 2018 closed at midday on Thursday 12th July; successful candidates will be notified by 5pm on Wednesday 18th July.

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The children’s publishing industry is a creative and dynamic one to work in and we feel lucky to have jobs making and selling amazing books. The Usborne Academy is about sharing that passion and allowing more people, from more diverse backgrounds, an opportunity to find out more. We want people from all walks of life to be able to discover what children’s publishing is and what roles are available in the industry. Nicola Usborne, Deputy Managing Director of Usborne

Usborne offices

The Usborne Academy Week will take place at the Usborne Publishing head office in London, near Farringdon Station. Our editorial, design, production, foreign rights and foreign language departments are all based in this office, as well as marketing, PR, sales, and accounts.

We have additional editorial and design offices in Wolverhampton and Eynsham, near Oxford, and our direct sales division, Usborne Books at Home, is also based in Eynsham.

Jobs for all locations are advertised on the Jobs at Usborne page.

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